Innovation and Public Policy – 10 Day Executive Training Certificate

About this course

Creative methods of design have been used successfully in business to drive innovation and disrupt tired and commoditized industries. The same methods and processes can be applied in public policy, non-profits, and NGOs, to drive social impact and consider difficult social problems in new ways. This program is ideal for policy makers and directors engaged in social problems.

Skills and Methods Covered

  • Ethnographic Research
  • Making Sense of Impact-Work
  • Theory of Change
  • Divergent Thinking
  • Service Blueprints

Course Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1
  • Theory of Change, or how to understand desired social objectives and structure relevant programming around these objectives
  • Ethnography and Contextual Inquiry, skills for building empathy with a target audience through in-context research
  • Participatory Design, skills for collaboratively building new services with stakeholders, clients, and users
  • Initial Synthesis, or ways to make sense of gathered data through externalization, organization, and hierarchy development
  • Synthesis & Insight Extraction, showing how to move from raw synthesis to meaningful statements of truth about a target population
  • Week 1, Reflection
Week 2
  • Affinity Diagramming, a method for making sense of chaotic organizational requirements and needs
  • 2×2, a method for reducing complexity and balancing tradeoffs
  • Initial Service Blueprinting Scaffolding, or creating the end to end structure in which desired impact occurs
  • Service Blueprinting Content, defining the specific human, technology, and organizational touchpoints driving towards the theory of change
  • Service Blueprinting Revision, creating visually articulate artifacts that support the larger social mission and vision
  • Presentation, or how to engage stakeholders with a form of progressive disclosure through narrative
  • Week 2, Reflection