Design Research Topic

First design research class with Serota was tonight. Yay! “Research” may not sound fun on the surface, but I love design research because it’s so much about being observant and getting to know people and trying to understand and empathize with why they do the things they do. It’s also cool that I can dust off and re-use the fun parts of journalism and oral history that I’ve picked up in the past.

I’m also pretty excited about our topic. (Can you guess what it is from the video below?) I’m really interested in what people think about the act, and why they do it or not, and how they perceive the systems currently in place.

The Fun Theory: Bottle Bank Arcade


I loved the bottle bank arcade idea. :)

I agree with you that the power of design research is to understand what makes usability better and fun. I am looking forward to the project as well.

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