Give me an A-C-4-D!

Last night was the first day of school and it was great. It’s inspiring to be back in the classroom again with a group of people passionate about changing the world through design.

Also, I raised $387 for Austin Center for Design by agreeing to do any dare my friends and family came up with.

The people have spoken, and I was tasked with writing and performing a fight song for AC4D during the first day of class.

Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Give me an A-C-4-D!”

Good design, Good designWe’re all here to give our bestGood design, Good designHelp clean up society’s mess

We work hard, we give our livesTo causes we all hold dearCalifornia, Canada, New York and ParisWhy the heck are we in Texas?

Hey A, hey C, Hey D, AC4DAustin Center for Design, AC4DAustin Center for Design, AC4D

We came to learn, we here to growResearch, prototype, and buildBig answers, to life’s big questionsReally do it, not just suggestions

We’re not, at UTAnd it’s not, a real degreeWe keep our day jobs, to pay the rentNighttime we save the environment!

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