Meet AC4D's Inaugural Class

I’m thrilled to announce that Austin Center for Design’s inaugural class will begin their course of study in a little over two weeks. You can learn more about our students here – note the diversity of backgrounds, the professional experience they’ve gained, and their common desire to do work that’s meaningful.

  • Scott Magee is a top-performing creative professional with extensive experience in human-centric design.
  • Ryan Hubbard is a systems engineer transitioning into the world of user-centered design and social entrepreneurship.
  • Monique LaLonde is a Senior Designer at Razorfish, where she develops ideas and creates design solutions for clients like Dell, Microsoft, AT&T, Chrysler and Audi.
  • Saranyan Vigraham is a senior engineer at Qualcomm.
  • Christina Tran is a storyteller. She has experienced life as a journalist, designer, teaching artist, volunteer, writer, photographer, and world traveler. She aims to delight, inspire, and make a positive impact through her life and work.
  • Ruby Ku is a designer and technologist, who wants a better world, and is working to achieve that.
  • Kristine Mudd is a designer who enjoys the discovery, play, analysis, and exploration that is part of her everyday life.
  • Chap Ambrose is driven to design and develop useful and generous things.
  • Julia Moisand is an information and interaction designer. Her professional practice is guided by a people-centered approach to communication and visual representation.
  • Alex Pappas is a Senior Designer at Wild Planet Entertainment. Prior to working at Wild Planet Entertainment, Alex contracted with Motorola, New Balance, and other leaders of the Fortune 500.
  • Kat Davis is a business analyst, a legal assistant, and a world traveler.

Welcome to Austin Center for Design, everyone!