Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain part 2

This is the second exercise I performed from the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Book.  I was excited to hear today that Saranyan bought the book on his Kindle and is joining in the fun.

The exercise for today took only about fifteen minutes and you could do yourself quite easily, as the book authors have posted it as an example on their website.

The basic premise of the exercise is that they force you into a verbal ‘L-mode’ of thinking by having you draw one half of the vase/face and then retrace it specifically calling out the names of the forehead, nose, chin, etc, as you trace them.  Then you immediately try to draw the other side and it’s surprisingly difficult.  To finish the drawing you have to pointedly switch your mind to the spatial ‘R-mode’ and think about the lines apart from the symbolic concepts of noes or eyes.  It took me a couple of mental tries to get back there, as you can see from the faint, erased lines.

Anyway, the exercise is short, and it provides an interesting perspective into some of the workings of your mind.  Give it a go if you have a chance!