Imperfections and Failures. Processes and Lessons Learned.

In Justin’s class, we talk a lot about transparency. He often says, “put everything you’re doing right now online”. It has not been the easiest concept to wrap our heads around. I feel as though we’ve been taught all our lives to only show our very best, only to re-learn now that it’s okay to show progress, imperfections, and even failures – publicly. 

Some non-profit organizations have adopted that openness model, and it has been working very well for them. Tactical Philanthropy published an article earlier this month titled “Nonprofit Shares Failure & Looks Great”, featuring charity:water’s failed Live Drill and how their transparency about their challenges made them even more compelling. Engineers Without Borders Canada has also been publishing on their website “Failure Reports” to document their lessons learned through all their development projects. 

After presenting our contextual inquiries in Lauren’s class, we all had plenty of lessons learned. As the inaugural class at AC4D, we should be staring a culture of documenting our thoughts processes, decisions made, successes & failures, and reflections (like Alex’s post about feeling strangely energized after 3 hrs of sleep). Only then we can see our growth and later be able to make sense of the way we have become. 

To begin, I have shared the notes I took from class while everyone was sharing feedback from their research thus far. It’s currently published as a Google Document here

[Note to AC4D class: I’ve also given access to everyone so please feel free to add to the document if anything else comes to mind. I hope to see it grow as a collective document. As our list of lessons learned get longer , then perhaps we can think of a more sophisticated way to capture them more comprehensively and visually.]

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Good point. Why wait till the end. We should totally start and keep updating a doc as we go. Let me add the notes I have from last night’s class on PI lessons learned.

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