Month #1 recap; blog posts roundup

We are officially half way through our first quarter. It’s been a busy month. Here’s a recap:

In our Interaction Design, Society and the Public Sector class, we talked about “the consumptive culture that has caused our self-identities to retreat to a disposable nature that is easily bought and sold.” But in the end, “will consumption make us happy“? If we were to rethink design and design education in the context of society, can it be classified by intent? Moreover, should design be universalWhat about moody? For all the paper that we read, each of these prominent design figures has a personal style of conveying their ideas. So is it actually possible for designers to lead a life in which they can truly alter their their own perspectives, in a world for which we design, and with which we should design?

Actually being there might help develop empathy, but is the data from ethnographic techniques pure? Maybe the data needs not to be “pure”, because value from synthesis and interpretation is inherently biased. At the same time though, would we risk running into the danger of creating a false sense of “now we know more about this [group of people]“? Leveraging co-designing techniques such as participatory interviews will certainly allow us to explore “designing opportunities for individuals and based on that they have an individual experience“. In our Interaction Design Research & Synthesis class, we learned by doing and certainly came out with our own conclusion on what data means. Not everything went perfectly, but our lessons learned were captured carefully.

Meanwhile, we are practicing how to tell stories. Stick figures were created in our Interaction Design Prototyping class to tell stories of how our classmate proposed, burritos in a series a tubes, or the pixar story. Then we got more sophisticated to tell stories that solve problems, like NetLib, voice of a restaurant, and the ideal thrift store experience. We pool together resources and continue to learn how to engage our audience. Each of us essentially is a story too. With an attitude of think/make, social media makes a good platform to have a living portfolio to tell that story. When we’ve figured out where our info should live, good practices to formulate blog posts, and how to engage on twitter, we will start developing them into process manifestos.

Life at AC4D is challenging yet rewarding. We share dreams, and in the process, will be creating our own definition of success.

Sometime this week, we are going to start discussing design for the “developing world”. Stay tuned for next month’s blog posts roundup – which will include the final verdict of which client we will be working with for the next 28 weeks.

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this is a good post, thanks. You are a very good “linker”.Amazing to see how much we have done so far :)

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