The symbol is something we are all familiar with. It lives on products, trash bins and often on communication pieces. But, how often do we think about it? I recently watched the story of bottled water again about bottled water and it shed light on what “recycling” may mean. In this case the video showed that many of these plastic bottles are being shipped to India. Does recycling allow us to become passive about our choices and the waste we generate? “It is ok, because it is being recycled.” ¬†How much waste is generated at outdoor public events and conferences? How much of this might be avoided if we thought about our behavior at these events and or the systems surrounding them?

Well, this is what we as students are doing. Our topic for research is “recycling”. It is up to individual teams to pick a focus within the large topic, but I am excited to see what all of us learn about various aspects of recycling through contextual and particpatory interviews. The topic along has gotten me thinking about what role “recycling” has in my daily life.

What do you recycle? Do you consider recycling when purchasing your coffee in the morning or grabbing a bottled water at the office, airport, coference? What would make it easier?