The Bod Squad

A friend of mine is working on a project to fight childhood obesity by starting a kids fitness TV program called The Bod Squad. They’re looking for funding through kickstarter and have some hilarious incentives to donate.  I think this is a great example that shows the level you can take an idea with little or no funding… and then put it out there to see if you can raise the money to make it happen.  What’s great about Kickstarter is that you can make small donations, so give ’em $2 and let’s see if we can make the show happen!  A quick description from my friend Nick Gage below:

As you may or may not know, one of the many projects keeping me busy over the past few months has been the development of a children’s fitness show with my good friend Kira Elliot.   Kira is that rare blend of tireless TV producer (having worked at Nickelodean for years) and physical trainer (having run her own gym for the past three years).

The show is called “The Bod Squad.”  It is an interactive show that requires non-stop movement from the viewers (the kids) as they aid our protagonists (Abby and Maximus) on their journey throughout the body.  Its aim is to promote healthy habits and lifestyles while doing its part to stem the tide of the childhood obesity epidemic.  I co-wrote the pilot episode and am writing the music for the webisodes and the TV pilot.  We’re up and running online at


Thank you for giving me a daily dose of exercise. It’s kind of impossible to watch these guys without getting up and dancing/exercising/touching my nose and knee at the same time.

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