Sample Design Research Work Models

Wheeeee, we’re reached the messy, fraught process of design research where we have to take all our data and synthesize it. Data into insights. One method: modeling: not catwalk modeling, data modeling. Taking contextual inquiry transcripts line by line and drawing it out—to figure out the relationships between people and other people, people and objects, people and organizations, etc.

Kristine and I dove in Sunday.

I also like looking at examples while I work. So here are other people’s design research models I’ve found online.


From International Journal of Design article about “Social Interaction Design in Cultural Contexts.” They studied tea-drinking:

From Peepal Design’s (UX Design and Research) tools and methods about page:

From article by Hugh Beyer and Karen Holtzblatt in International Journal of Design (not the prettiest):

CULTURAL MODELSThese are weird, eh? There are some “bad” ones in our textbook–as in they look too complex for me to even try to figure out what they mean. Some prettier ones:

From same Tea article in IJD:

What happens when 5 CMU HCI masters students volunteer to conduct user research for Bugzilla (for credit in Usability Methods class):

Hope they are helpful during these trying times of design synthesis.

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these are great. thanks for taking the time to pull all these samples and share them. they will help as we continue to try and make sense of it all, searching for insights, patterns, themes, etc.

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