Homelessness is Messed Up!

Week three.  We had lots of great research but no clear focus.

What did we do?  We wrote down all of the things that felt were messed up about ARCH, the system, and homelessness.

Then, we took that criteria and imagined what ARCH might look like in “Impossible World” where we were in charge and could do anything we wanted.

Out of this came design criteria that will guide Christina and I into whatever focus we choose.

  • How do we give people more breathing space?
  • How can we make the past help, not hurt?
  • How do we incorporate rewards and immediate feedback into more processes?
  • How do we make services more convenient for those who are working?
  • How do we respect and use cultural differences?


To start thinking like a designer, pay attention to your gut. Every time you find yourself asking, “why is it like that?” and every time you find yourself making a face at something that doesn’t make logical sense…take note. Because that is now an area to dig into to find out why. And it’s probably an opportunity area for design ideas.

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