Visual Design in Practice

Thanks to Jen Sukis, AC4D got a crash course in visual design basics.

Besides learning what not to do in visual design, we learned that visual design, like all design, can only be learned by doing.

The assignment – take a raw Photoshop file filled with a myriad of shapes and make a good design.

What follows after the raw Photoshop file are my two creations:

2 thoughts on “Visual Design in Practice”

for posterity’s sake, the biggest thing i got from this class on visual design fundamentals was that visual design is a language. and the more we can learn to talk about it, the better our communication will be among various team members on a process. and since it is a language, it can be learned and practiced.

also, that you should always tie visual design feedback and decision-making back to the larger goals of the project.

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