Design Research Toolkit

She carries this black bag with her at all times. Day in and day out, everywhere she goes. But what does it hold? School books and art supplies? Secrets and lady things? Blueprints and wireframes? A change of clothes and a wig for quick getaways?

Do not be fooled!

One unassuming bag can contain a treasure trove of data capture for our keen young designer.

As they say:Always be prepared.

[Cue theme music.]

4 thoughts on “Design Research Toolkit”

Do you recommend which model for audio recorder, digital camera and video camera? I mean, which model has the best cost x benefit relation for research (size, weight, quality of files)?

Hi Renato. Pictured above are the Canon Powershot S95, Sony IC Recorder ICD-PX820 (audio), and the Flip Ultra HD. They’ve worked well for me, but not for everyone. All three fit my requirements: high-enough quality, small/pocketable, light, black (to match my purse, which is to say discreet), silent, and don’t require fuss (I can turn them on and start recording without messing with settings).

Probably the most important consideration of any recording equipment is how comfortable you are using it—and how likely you are to use it often. Some of us carry around and shoot with larger SLR digital cameras because we are more comfortable with them and they make us feel less like tourists. Some of us prefer the smaller digital cameras because they are more discreet in certain situations.

Hope others chime in. Or maybe we’ll have others post their toolkits to the blog, too!

Liking this blog post. fantastic choice shooting the packaging on rocks: reinforces the idea that it is a Field Research Kit and not something for around the office.

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