Announcing the Availability of Exposing the Magic of Design

We are proud to announce that the Director of Austin Center for Design, Jon Kolko, has published a new book with Oxford University Press. Exposing the Magic of Design: A Practitioner’s Guide to the Methods and Theory of Synthesis is the first book to focus on the exciting part of the design process that lives between ethnographic design research and form giving – the ambiguous spot where innovative ideas come from.

There are three goals for this text. The first goal is to present a theory of design synthesis in a simple and concise manner. This theory is based on academic research and discourse, but presented in a way that is clear and valuable to a practicing design manager, designer or design researcher. This theory of design synthesis can then be used to substantiate single methods of synthesis.

The second goal is to offer a rationalization of why design synthesis is important, both in a general sense (“why should I care about this at all?”) as well as in a more immediate sense (“why should I care about this right now?”).

The final goal is to present a set of actionable, learnable methods for design synthesis that can be applied to any design problem. Practicing industrial designers, interaction designers, interface designers, and designers of other disciplines can use these methods to make sense of complicated design problems and to move seamlessly from various forms of research to design. The methods can add a systematic sense of rigor to an otherwise subjective, often introspective process.

You can read more about this book, and purchase it online, at Amazon.