AC4D Students Win Big!

Austin Center for Design students were honored with two big wins over the last few weeks.

Ruby Ku and Alex Pappas won the Design Ignites Change Cycle 2 concept award for their Teach, Learn and Earn project that imagines a platform to empower homeless people by earning income through teaching. As they describe it, Teach, Learn and Earn aims to tackle homelessness in Austin by focusing on people’s existing skills, shifting the emphasis from what they need to what they have to offer. The current system makes people feel helpless, indirectly hurting their emotional abilities to get back on their feet. A new system is needed to give people experiencing homelessness an opportunity not only to receive help, but to help.

Kat Davis and Ruby Ku were honored to receive first place in the IxDA’s Interaction Design Student Design Competition. They were tasked with rapidly designing a solution to the problem of “Use, not own.” Great interactions can connect people to create opportunities for experiences that outweigh the “joy” of ownership. How can we reduce our environmental footprint by sharing products or services? Kat and Ruby spent forty-eight hours working on their solution, blogging the process online, and were honored on-stage at the IxDA’s annual conference in Boulder.

Congratulations Ruby, Alex, and Kat – great job!

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