Second peer-led class, plus some think/make

Sunday. We had our rescheduled boxing conditioning class by the Auditorium Shores. Beautiful weather, fun company, awesome tacos for lunch = great time. Until we all woke up sore this morning. Thank Phill for a great class Рwe shall do it again!

Thinking and Making

In last week’s studio class, we were pushed to think about ingredients and friction – essentially what makes something work and what stops it from working. Our learnings were captured here.

In this week’s studio class, we were pushed to have a Point of View (POV) – essentially our opinion on how to solve a problem. Or in other words, things to do that will fulfill our Design Criteria. Here are some POVs 1.0:

People are more likely to teach something when someone is interested and asked them to teach it.Our POV: Make your interest known publicly. Poke the person who you think can teach it.

People are more likely to make time to do something if it’s with people they like hanging out with.Our POV: The person initiating the class must bring a friend. Class must start or end with some sort of social activity (lunch, bike ride, BBQ, etc)

People are generally interested in doing stuff. But finding a time that works for everyone is hard.Our POV: Every person must pick 3 times that work. Teacher has the final vote of when class will be.

It’s awkward to pay or rate the teacher when it’s your friend.Our POV: Students have to check-in to classes and pay for a cover charge (think when you go to a bar to watch your friend’s band play). Rating will come in the form of how often the class is being requested again.

Our customer journey map:

Our initial wireflow sketch:

2 weeks ago, we said, “We believe people learn by teaching, so our mission is to provide people with a platform to teach.”

Last week, we said, “We envision a world where everyone recognizes they have knowledge to share.”

This week, we said, “We are building a website where it lets you post what you want to learn, and it figures out who in your network can teach it.”

We’re all at the IxDA Conference in Boulder this week. We will be sharing our idea with people, getting feedback, and testing our POVs.

So what are the things you’ve always wanted to learn? Post a tweet with “#Iwanttolearn”!


your customer journey map photo makes me want neopolitan ice cream. love the colors. oh, post-its, what would we do without you?

thanks for sharing the evolution of your vision statements.

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