Studio Week 8…The Fear of Making

Early in my education experience, I became painfully aware of the fact that the visual things I made were “different” from the other students. I dreaded the times when my teachers would come around and look at our individual pieces of art, smile and say what she thought they looked like. With other students, the teacher could guess whether they had drawn their family, or a monster, or a baseball player. When the teacher came to my drawing they had no idea what my haphazard collection of lines and dots were supposed to be. I always had to tell them. My teacher would then write what I drew at the top left corner of the page so other adults, namely my parents, would not be as confused. One time when I was in fourth grade one of my paintings mistakenly made it into a first grade art show…I didn’t win. I’ve avoided making visual things since elementary school.

This week, I made something…Granted, at some points I modified something that already existed (like my mobile app website), but I modified it in a way that did not involve clicking to plug something into a template. I actually did some coding! I also choose color palettes, and watched tutorials for the Adobe suite and used Photoshop and Illustrator to create a logo and a mock up of the opening screen. It’s a pretty basic website (with very limited functionality), but I feel like I actually created something that did not exist before, which feels pretty good.

Some Jonathan Lewis originals below. The title written by my teacher at the top of the page on the left is, “Once upon a time, there were Cowboys and Indians.”