Service design course leads to a great idea

Dentist’s Offices, The Ritz Carlton in Costa Rica, Coffee Shops, Japanese Bullet Trains, and purchasing an HP touch pad…

These were some of AC4D 2K12’s best and worst examples of a “service” which we then discussed, dissected, and diagrammed during the first few classes of our service design course taught by the man, the myth, the legend, Jon Freach (@jfreach).

Like other AC4D classes, wisdom and knowledge were not gained through lecture but primarily through reading, thinking, making, reflecting, disagreeing, drinking, then making some more. We learned from case studies and Jon’s first hand experiences with designing services such as the wayfinding system for MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, Texas.

We also used insights gained from our research to design a service that would meet the needs of a vulnerable population of people. Ultimately, Ben Franck and I came up with the blueprint of a service, We Cook, we are going to try and bring to market next semester. See below for a description.

In short. We Cook is a service that facilitates groups of people cooking a week’s worth of food together for an affordable price. Below is a short case study of a potential user.

Meet Jane. She is a single mother who is stressed out because right now money is tight.

She hears about We Cook from a friend who tells her that it is an inexpensive way to get a week’s worth of healthy home cooked food.

Jane goes online and registers for a We Cook class.

During class, Jane meets a chef, who instructs/mentors students as they each prepare a bulk meal.

At the end of the cooking session the students swap meals so that every student has 7-8 meals to…

take home…

freeze, and then eat throughout the week.

While there are many design challenges associated with this service, we are super excited at the potential to leverage the economics of food purchased in bulk to change people’s behavior surrounding food.