Design Research Methodologies – A Position Diagram

The task this week was to illustrate our stance on design research methodologies- particularly whether designers should be designing alongside their end users through co-creative work or designing for their end users through more removed design processes. I distilled our readings  (see footnotes in diagram for supporting quotes) down into the following charge for designers.

I believe designers should be doing their best to design with their users as much as possible as it can lead to valuable insights and open up previously unseen innovation space. Rather than simply designing for the user, from the comfortable confines of one’s studio or office, a designer should design with and innovate for. “Innovate for” charges the designer to utilize insights gleaned from research and participatory design processes, and then draw on their specialized knowledge to offer innovative, functional solutions for the end users. This position is displayed further below.

The original readings (2A- 2C) are here.