Class Registration System – Take 2

For the second round of iterations in this quarter’s Rapid Ideation and Problem Solving class, I walked boldly into the world of designing Ipad Apps. There’s something simultaneously as soothing and maddening about designing these. For instance, the wayfinding techniques are so much simpler to use that I didn’t spend the time focusing on how best to design them, which falsely insinuates a more technical skill set on the part of the user. That became evident in user testing, as students still weren’t clear that when a class showed up on their schedule that they were in fact registered. Trying to design with minimum amount of words remains a task not for the ill-slept.

I was happy with the course selector and, despite not being able to entirely eradicate drop down menus, used them in a way that didn’t seem to overwhelm the users tested. Another insight from this time around was that having a video, albeit not real and in wireframe format, delighted every user who encountered it.