IDSE 201 – Learning to Iterate

For the entire 2nd Quarter of our Rapid Ideation and Creative Problem Solving class with Jon Kolko we are doing one thing.

Six times.

The assignment was to develop a new and helpful way for a fictional student to sign up for and schedule classes at a university or college. After some quick brainstorming, I set to mocking up a wireframe of what I created as an online application.

As you see in the PDFs below, the student can click through a simple enough website to see what classes are available, how they will apply to his major & minor studies and add them to his schedule.

What I learned: Get to digital wireframing ASAP! I spent too much time with pen&paper thinking of cool little features that I then didn’t have time to actually digitize.

Good thing the motto of this class, and AC4D for that matter, is “do it again!”

Here’s the first iteration!