IDSE201 – First Wires

The project for this quarter’s rapid prototyping class is to create a user interface where a student can plan their schedule of classes online.  Framed like a real client engagement, we’ve been given a required list of features and functions to incorporate.

I’ve started work on a scheduling interface for community colleges.  Community college enrollments are expected to grow rapidly with returning service members as well as through increased governmental support.  Sadly, only about 45% of individuals who enroll in community colleges actually leave with a degree of some sort.

Researching the topic in greater depth, it seems that connecting students to learning team, help in navigating the college experience, as well as connecting students to mentorship/planning opportunities, would lead to better outcomes.  I believe that I can design a digital scaffold that could support these types of interactions.

I’m not there yet.  Luckily for me, I will be iterating our designs 6 times, giving me the time and feedback needed to design something I can be proud of.  Here is the first set of wires… enjoy.

Wireframes v1