IDSE201 – Wires v2

Hi All,

The project for this quarter’s rapid prototyping class is to create a user interface where a student can plan their schedule of classes online.  Framed like a real client engagement, we’ve been given a required list of features and functions to incorporate.

I’ve started work on a scheduling interface for community colleges, which in my previous report I noted the low degree completion rates and the need for a more holistic solution towards planning and socializing the academic experience.

In v2, I made some steps forward with the overall layout and flow, but still need to work on developing a complete system.  Simply put, no excuses for next time.  With that being said, I got some good feedback from Willie – revisiting the need to lay out all proposed changes in paper particularly as I learn more about the prototyping tool Axure that I am currently working with.  There seems to be some anxiety still there lurking in the background about picking up a pen to flush things out; now that I think about it, most likely due back to a fear of failure even though the clear need for repetition (which I’ve already noted multiple times in the program! ahh, how slow habits change).  NO MORE.

I did do something this time that I didn’t really do last time: Talk Aloud Testing with randoms in a coffee shop.  As a quick reminder, Talk Aloud sessions ask that a user verbalize every step of the way through a scenario, without the ability to receive help from the designer.  This was a really educational experience, and quickly made a difference in the usability of my layouts.  Noting pauses, general confusion, and “undesired” click throughs made me aware of shading, placement choices, and lack of informational content where students would need guidance.  Using Axure, I was quickly able to modify the interface.

Without further ado, here are the frames!

Wires v2