Take Two Iterations, and Come Back Next Week

We’re one third of the way through our class scheduling application assignment in IDSE201 Rapid Ideation and Creative Problem Solving. I find myself struggling between creating a simple, easy to use interface, and exploring new ways to visualize a schedule and calendar. I’m sticking with the KISS solution for now.

For my second iteration, I decided to begin building my application in Adobe Flash, which is not a task for the faint of heart. With about 45 minutes of training and passing knowledge of Visual Basic I figured I could build up a working UI with click-able buttons in a week. I was wrong. Tool choice aside, I had a short list of changes I wanted to make this time around:

1)      Clean up the title bar.

2)      Give the user more sorting options within the course tabs, without having to use the search feature.

3)      Remove the “Auto Scheduler” and replace with a simple “pick this section” interface.

For round three, I plan to create a better introduction which explains the three steps of scheduling classes, as well as rendering a new search screen. The semester selection drop down menu needs to find a “home” and well as a new “progress” bar to show the user how far they are away from completing their degree. I’m thinking of a bar chart for the major, minor, and classes.  In the meantime, it’s almost Thanksgiving, please feast your eyes on an export of my first dip into Adobe Flash.

Wireframe Iteration Two