Wireframes for a Student Scheduler

The task of wireframing a student scheduler is vast, and so constraints were necessary to even confront the assignment. Some were given to us: The user must be able to schedule and compare all of the information regarding courses, they should be able to schedule courses for future semesters, and they should be able to print their schedule. I added the constraint of designing for student athletes at a University for the simple fact that their schedules are even more demanding than other students and yet they must earn the same required credits as anyone else. I choose to assume that because these students have multiple priorities, they would prefer having their classes scheduled for them where ever possible.

In my design I used required classes that I found on UT Austin’s website, however, I had to guess the frequency and duration for which these classes might meet. Similarly, I made a guess at a Volleyball Team schedule. I’d love to get those types of details as close to accurate as possible in future iterations. Other plans for the future include beautification, improved hierarchy, and less words where possible. The idea for this scheduler is that it would serve first as a registration tool and then as a syllabus and hub for classes, teams, and extracurricular events. Students could potentially submit homework through it or find the books they need for their classes.

There are many possibilities. One thing that’s known: it’s called Book ‘Em Horns!