Course Scheduling: Incremental Iterations

The gap between the second and third iterations of my course scheduling system was pretty big. That was necessary to fill in major pieces of missing functionality and fix some very broken interface elements. But the last iteration worked very well in testing, so this round has more minor revisions to it.

Things to look for are a cleaner schedule view with more legible typography. Changing sections brings up a modal dialog which puts the focus  on finding a new section. This dialog also identifies sections that are in conflict with the existing schedule and prevents a student from adding them.

In the degree view, added courses were appended underneath the individual requirements tabs. This didn’t work for a couple of reasons. First, when courses were added, the user had no indication that they were added or where they went. Once many classes were added, there was way too much scrolling involved to find them. Secondly, the tabs imply that the courses are filtered by core, major, or minor which is true for the requirements, but all scheduled classes were shown regardless. In this version, there is now a default “my degree plan”  tab which shows the scheduled classes. This alleviates the scrolling and inconsistency.

Looking to the next iteration, I’m considering ditching the entire degree view, sticking only with the schedule view, and moving the requirements tabs into a modal course selection flow.