Customer Service Blueprint: an exploratory exercise

Influenced by both a reroute in research halfway through the quarter and an inspiring batch of preliminary research, our customer blueprint represents a fantastical dream state of all of the various ways in which the space could be positively designed. It’s unrealistic in nature but proved a helpful generative exercise to help us think through the possibilities. Insights that guided us include:

1. adopting a child is the most emotionally vulnerable you’ll ever be. The language used only enforces that.
2. adoptive parents want to feel in control of something they’ll never have complete control over
3. adoptive families are fighting upstream against a culture that sees them as broken
4. your love as an adoptive parent has to overcome the child’s feeling of abandonment

The blueprint is designed in service to the adoptive family. Though nebulous in concept, what makes this distinct is that nobody in the space is currently playing a holistic support role for the adoptive family. The closest role within the adoptive ecosystem is the agency case worker who oversees all steps, yet doesn’t automatically assume the role of advocate. This service would be both a roadmap and an advocate.

The image below outlines the unique touchpoints that we could design around when we get to synthesis.

The big question is whether or not an online service can play a supportive enough role to satisfy the dearth of emotional assurance that currently exists and what kind of customer service would be needed in order to do so. We’re considering both the role of actual human interaction with the adopting couple as well as physical products that could be mailed at various points in the process.