IDSE Course Scheduling App – Iteration v4

Taking from the feedback from user testing with the last iteration, I redesigned the course selection module. Users wanted a simple view of “What are my options for required classes?”

I broke that down into four steps, starting with days of the week classes are held on, typically MWF and TTh, then a level down from that to Morning and Afternoon classes.

You can see an annotated walk thru of the iteration here:

Iteration Version 4 Presentation Slides

While the internals of the module work well, there are still many things lacking in this iteration. In presenting this version lots of question were asked about why those were the only classes offered. Was this just a small school, or what filters were applied to the course listings.

What I learned is the value of a scenario or back story, a way to tell the audience why they are looking at what they are looking at. In the case of the user, a way to tell them what filters have lead to this list of class options. In the case of clients / an audience, you need to give some credible story about both why the student is left with just these six class options and why the student would find value in that.

Lesson learned!