One is Better Than Two

For my fourth iteration of my class scheduling application in IDSE201 – Rapid Ideation and Creative Problem Solving, I was encouraged to create a solution which doesn’t require the user to advance to a separate page to schedule the classes. In order to meet the needs of my client, (The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University) I wanted to keep the two step process of 1) Selecting all classes for the semester regardless of time/professor, then 2) Fitting the classes to a weekly schedule. This approach encourages students to chose their schedule to fit their graduation requirements, and not delay their graduation date by avoiding certain times or professors.

I drew up a few different ideas on a whiteboard (see below) and decided to move the “My Courses” or “Added Courses” list to a tab within the Course Catalog section of the screen.  The “Added Courses” tab is longer and highlighted in a different color to signify the different functionality.  I’m sure there is a better way to make this designation, I hope I’ll get some good feedback from my peers and professor after I present.  I also added small course descriptions to the catalog along with a list of professors. I feel that the new Course Catalog looks better than it did in previous iterations.

Iteration 4 – Back to The Drawing Board

Unfortunately I was only able to perform one user test this time around.  The only notable feedback was that the user quickly clicked on the “Added Courses” Tab after adding one course, and quickly realized its role in scheduling class section. The user then went back and added more classes, before then returning to pick sections.

I look forward to improving the layout the next time around. I feel that this iteration is fully functional, yet is lacking some ‘polish’ that would help it look more professional.