ScheduleIt Wires v4

Hi All!

Hot off the press!  Get yuh wireframes v4 hea!

From v3 to v4, the main goals were to improve the visibility of information on the course listing scroll page, add an interactive calendar widget so students could check their progress throughout the scheduling process, and to add comparison features due to client specs.  I did so, and in the process found some additional items to tweak.

I also had the goal of making it look overall more professional.  To do so, I tried to incorporate what the best of the best are doing for that functionality.  As Kolko said, “look at companies (online) who are dependent on that functionality to make money.  They probably do it well.”  So for search and comparison, I’ve added features in a combination roughly modeled on Amazon, Apple, Yelp, and local startup

I returned to University of Texas at Austin for User Testing this week, and received additional feedback that I want to focus on in v5.  First, I need to rethink how I’m going to display grade distribution information. It’s one of the most important things that students use initially for review of courses, but may have them passing over faculty without getting to know the course content and if it could truly help them advance regardless.  The second item I want to work on is improving the comparison feature; there may be more information I can display that will help students decide what to pick between the options.  The third element I need to add is a mechanism to switch between semesters, as this is a final requirement that I must include and to date have not.

Take a look!

Wires v4