Service Blueprinting – SchoolShare the App!

After performing individual research, Kevin and Will joined forces to create a new product and service for use in elementary school classrooms. The product tentatively named SchoolShare, is a tool which gives parents a window into the classroom. Using SchoolShare, teachers can instantly share student’s work with their parents, to encourage parent engagement outside of the classroom with their child’s education. By simply snapping a picture, teachers can easily share a student’s work in school with parents in real time. Yet SchoolShare is more than photo sharing service, it provides parents access to an important moment within the daily life of their child.

The three stakeholders critical to the success of this product are teachers, parents, and students. Teachers desire more parent involvement in the students education, yet their time is very valuable. Students enjoy sharing their work, yet often lose excitement by the time they get home from school. Parents wish to be more involved, but rarely have direct contact with teachers. By designing our service around the critical needs of each stakeholder, we can enrich a child’s education, by allowing parents to be more aware of their student’s daily classroom activities.

Teachers will make the ultimate decision on whether or not to use SchoolShare in their classrooms, yet they will most likely not be the paying customer. For this reason, we must be sure that we design the service to balance the needs of teachers and parents while making it as simple and easy to use for teachers as possible. The teacher’s perspective is the most important as we design our user experience.

Customer Journey Map and Touch Points for SchoolShare

We have created a service blueprint of SchoolShare to map each user interaction with our service. The service blueprint is a tool that we will use to ensure that the needs and limitations of the teachers and parents are addressed. From a teacher snapping a picture in the classroom, to the parent’s receiving a notification on their smartphone, each touchpoint is carefully evaluated from both the user perspective, as well as the required support from behind the scenes. Linked here, is the full service blueprint for SchoolShare.