Well, That’s a Lot Better

Let’s start with some honesty.  I wasn’t very happy with my 4th iteration in our IDSE201 – Rapid Ideation and Creative Problem Solving class.  I felt like I had hit a brick wall on what I knew how to implement within the design constraints of the assignment, as well as the constraints I put on myself. After lifting some requirements on myself and spending time with my professor, I spent the past 2 weeks designing a brand new User Interface to my Purdue University course scheduling application. Honesty still intact, I’m pretty darn proud of my 5th and last iteration for this assignment. Not only is it more visually attractive, but user testing has confirmed that it is much more intuitive than the previous 4 iterations.

Some new concept drawings before the final iteration of ISDE 201 – Rapid Ideation and Prototyping


My 5th iteration now features a filter column within the Course Catalog portion. Students may now search and filter for their classes based upon College, Level, Location, and Professor. The course description is now embedded within the Course Catalog, instead of being a pop-up modal. Upon selection of a course, students now see all available sections visually on the weekly calendar, and have the ability to get professor information right within the Course catalog. Moving classes on the schedule is now a simple drag and drop interface.

While I feel like I’ve always been able to recognize good UX design, the past 8 weeks of courses and iterations have given me the tools and general ability to create good UX design.  I wish that I could do another iteration on these wireframes for this assignment to add some polish. Perhaps I will over the holiday break.