Wireframe v.06

V.06 -Final Iteration.

For  version six of the wireframes, attention was focused on the information, navigation, and the interface elements. The main goal was to create a fully functioning and comprehensive version of the wireframes. After going through the process of building the prototype, testing, and correcting it six different times, the process became more fluid.  The tool of indesign was no longer an obstacle in my way.  It started to be used more powerfully to create various layers of depth, shading, and visual elements.

When reviewing this iteration, take note of the following changes: the additional professor and faculty page, the professor modal page, a separate professor rating page, an improved profile page that allows you to edit classes, and a customized email to invite Sarah to sign up for classes.   To review the wires, Sarah is starting her second year of a two year hybrid MBA program.  She has been notified that classes for the Spring semester are open and she can choose her class and pick her courses.  Progress University gives the students the ability to take both online and offline courses.

To foresee future growth of Progress University, we added additional MBA programs which are nested under one main header navigation. With a continued focus on elements and style, the site has a strong functionality.  This made a world of a difference.  Last iteration lacked a flow that would allow the user to move through the site effortlessly. What originally looked like a canvas with a ton of white space is now filled with new features such as pictures and videos shown by elements of grey scale.
All of these changes were made with the intention of providing consistency and overall hierarchy of information.

Overall, this iteration has a strong focus on comprehension and visual elements. Each iteration improved each time, little by little.  The user testing feedback was positive the people that I tested with all mentioned this was something that they had wished they had while they were registering for classes.  That’s all for now.