Wireframes 5.0

This iteration continues to expand on the visual buttons and a tidier look throughout. It’s easy to see where the obstacles are in this because as the iterations progress, the hanging chads in the design become increasingly obvious. Nonetheless, it took user testing with a professor at UT, who wanted many changes made to this design, to see that I was still struggling with fundamentals of the layout and wasting time changing the button sizes. This was a heavy but necessary blow, as our instructions in the design process have been consistently guiding us to draw the layout completely before increasing the visual fidelity. Even still my ability to follow these instructions has been inconsistent, partially I think because these tools are all so new that I easily become preoccupied by basic adjustments to the look when I just meant to be correcting a typo. Therefore, some pages in this iteration are at their sloppiest version yet, as I began to return to pen and paper these pages became dumping grounds and place holders. This felt like the natural result of exploring beyond the “hero flow” and so I include them in this collection because I think they show a process.