Wireframes Version 5 – Course Scheduling

Hey Ya’ll!

I can’t believe it’s already been 5 weeks of wireframes.  These wireframes have been agonizing, painfully slow at times, and in short spurts, exhilarating.  In this latest iteration, I wanted to make the user’s goals more directed – starting from the last iteration, there was really too much on the screen.  In this iteration, I broke out the two primary actions – building, and planning.

The initial screen is much more inviting, with a larger search area for input.  Beyond basic searching, the filtering, comparing, and selection of courses is much easier in this iteration.  I wanted it to be fast, like a sports car.

Where do I go from here?  Well, the iterations are over for school.  But they aren’t quite over for me.  I’d like to get them up on a board one more time, and go through them.  I’d like to make sure that they all speak to a singular system, where the elements do seem a bit disparate.  And I would like to refine the planning aspect of it.

I’ve come a long way from v1.  I’m much closer to a complete solution.  I understand InDesign, and how not to use a system named Azure.  I’ve learned the importance of using a grid system as a way to organize a page.  I’m learning to trust the process about drawing out scenarios, and getting everything onto a whiteboard and sketched, before producing.  Honestly, I did this half the time, and should have done it all the time.  I’m learning to show exactly what a user needs and no more.  I have a much better sense for I have to thank my classmates, my professor Jon Kolko, Matt Franks, and all of the users I’ve user tested with across Austin.  Props to you.

Trust the process.

Wires v5