302 Position Diagram 1

For this assignment we were asked to create a position diagram on the role of technology in the world, and to argue it’s importance. We read articles by ten different designers of influence and were expected t draw upon them in our argument.

Responding largely to Dourish, I created a graph that establishes the parameters of “context,” showing transitional layers of change. I then positioned each of the designers we read within the diagram where I believe they are operating, at least at the time of creating the article. Lastly, I inserted my own viewpoint on the topic.

When presented, the page builds, beginning with Marsden, and ending with me, Robinson. For the sake of viewing convenience on this blog, I will show only the final slide, which has everything.

I am proud of this work for many reasons. For starters, it is very clear that I’ve come a long way with understanding the purpose of a position diagram and how to make one that says something in an understandable way. That said, I’d very much appreciate feedback– did I accomplish that? Also, do you think this is agreeable, or potentially helpful? Do you understand my language choices? I will to continue to revise this position diagram until it is awesome, so any and all feedback is welcome.