Data Data Everywhere!

We are bombarded by information from every angle.  The technological devices we carry are getting faster, cheaper, smaller, and more powerful.  They are an extension of our everyday lives, part of our cultural.  Do you remember the last time you rushed to work and forgot you smart phone at home?    I bet you felt like you left a piece of your identity at home and probably ran back to get it.   On the flip side of that isn’t it nice to disconnect from the technology, tune out and take a walk outside, or gaze under the starry sky with no distractions.

The amount of technology and data that we come across daily is astounding. Our attention spans are being molded to fit the speed and quantity of all of that information.  So how do we combat all of this data?  How do we filter the information we want to consume?

It takes a system to navigate through all of the technology.   As the technology becomes more interactive we can use that to our advantage.  The technology can make our work more efficient, can make our use of time more manageable, and it can filter through our data, emails, news, tweets, and give us what is important.   The new platforms and applications that are launching now have the ability to give you integrative feedback that is personal, visual, and fun.

An example is Strava, an app I downloaded for my Iphone.   This week I started biking to work to get some exercise.   Strava allows me to track my rides with visual feedback 0n time, elevation, heart rate, route, and it allows you to find friends or users who also bike in the same area. This type of feedback creates an incentive to work out. The new thermostat by Nest has the ability to track your movement and behaviors within your home to keep your living space a comfortable temperature setting while also saving energy.  I believe the technology will begin to help people make smarter choices when it comes to community and societal factors.  You will begin “play” against neighbors to change behaviors around energy consumption, water, waste, and food.

Lets take all this data and information and let the technology work for us while we tune in with our friends, families, and the things that we love to do.