Creating an Effective Dialogue with Technology

The prompt for this presentation was “argue for technology’s role in society.” The inspiration for this keynote came from the first set of readings, listed here, as well as my own thoughts.

Technology’s role is to help us humans achieve our wants and needs.  It is purporting to do so with its benevolent march into ubiquity.  But technology can help us achieve so much more than heating up potatoes (yes, my diet has taken a hit as I spend more and more time at AC4D!).

We need to think about how to make this transfer most effective and meaningful.  I conclude that successful interactions of these new products will be judged through how well they can play nicely with our existing worlds; namely, if they are equitable, pleasant, and engaging based on culture and current context.  If they can be so, we can share a dialogue – specifically, we can grow to trust and value their contributions to our lives over time.

See the presentation.