CareWell Family Pilot Update – The effort is paying off.

Making a software product isn’t easy, and doing so for the first time, when everything is new, is a daunting challenge.  I tend to get caught in the weeds very easily.  With that being said, there are moments when you realize that all of the hard work is worth it.  Very cliche, but accurate.  We’ve just finished up our first family pilot, with a family that we got in touch with via Twitter.  This is what our primary caregiver had to say about the experience.  I got quite the jolt of excitement reading this.

“I’ve worked in all sorts of scenarios, and every single one of them would have benefited greatly from the program you’re designing. As I’ve said to both of you before, with Mom living here we’re not so very overwhelmed caring for her as we were caring for both of them, providing 24 hour a day care in their home, commuting, trying to set up volunteers to sit with them, take care of the house and yard, bills, groceries, errands, doctor’s appointments (we had two people in wheelchairs and a van that could only hold one- ironically, now, the new van I bought for Mom would actually transport two individuals in wheelchairs) It was crazy. Neither (Jessica) or I got sleep, we never saw the rest of our family, and we didn’t sleep in our own beds for more than six months- in a brand new home we had built. You would have been a Godsend in 2009/2010 and I would have paid any amount of money for your service. In that situation, it truly would have been priceless.”

That lets me know that we’re on to something special.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be piloting with another 2 families and identifying what we can do to keep improving CareWell, particularly around poignant interactions now that we’ve got a solid grip on basic mechanics.  So excited to see where this journey leads.  Hopefully, towards help for many families and their friends.  Feel free to track our journey from our website, via twitter @carewelldesign, or feel free to drop us a line at