The Effect on Consumption and Sustainability in Contemporary Society When We Use Design Thinking as the Foundation for Education: a Position Diagram Created by Anna Krachey at AC4D.

I created this diagram in trying to synthesize the writings of Papanek, Cochinov, Bernays, Buchanan, and Vitta.  I began the process of trying to order the important thoughts from each author’s work on an axis of how important I thought each theory was to design thinking and its effect on society.  In doing this, I found that I was creating an order of how society could use the primary concepts from each theorist to work towards creating a healthier societal relationship with consumption.  Maurizio Vitta connects our need for human interaction with our urge for consumption.   He also laments that our urge for consumption has reduced our relationship with material objects (which is really how we relate to the world) to tools to leverage our communication about who we are to the world.  In this diagram, I’ve used the objectives of these 5 theorists to build a direction of action towards changing our societal relationship with consumption through design thinking.