Honeywell Thermostat Concept Model and Redesign Concept Model #1

In Rapid Ideation and Problem Solving, we’ve begun our semester long project.  We will be focusing on the redesign and iteration (8x!!) of the Honeywell Thermostat.  Woah.  The interface is a disaster.  I have no idea how homeowners make any sense of navigating this thing.  Well, my guess is they don’t, hence the redesign.

For this project, we each had to draw out a concept map of the existing interface and then make a second map of our own redesign.  Generally, at AC4D we practice thinking that the user is not us.  For this project, however, I designed my first concept to work as I would want it to work as a homeowner.  I do have a thermostat, and I have a tenuous relationship with my thermostat.  I turn the AC down every night when I go to bed, and up every morning when I get up.   I included technology in my concept redesign, that much like the Nest™ thermostat, would enable the thermostat to remember this repeated action and then record it and play back.  It’s referred to as “learning.”  I wanted to make the interface as easy and navigate-able as possible.   Looking forward to moving towards that as I iterate!