IDSE201 – Revision 2 of a thermostat

After some good feedback from Professor Matt, I have incorporated some elements from an app I love. is one of my favorite sites and I particularly love the iOS version.

Their swipe-up reveal for a weekly forecast space is one particular interaction I love as it provides a clean way to access a lot of information at once.  I have incorporated that into the ‘Schedule’ function of my thermostat control app.

Without further ado, here is a tour of my latest revision:

Home Screen –

The app immediately launches into the temperature control space. There are colors on the controls for hints, and the background indicates the current setting and mode.

A fan control is hinted at in the upper right corner, and the Schedule function takes position in the center bottom, which makes it difficult to ignore.

As the user increases the temperature, if it passes an index of internal temperature relative to external temperature, the mode changes and the background color shifts from blue to red to indicate heating. The background fluctuates with a pulse in color saturation for 5 seconds before returning to a stable color to indicate the selection.


Fan Space – 

When the user selects the fan icon, the background shifts to a neutral color and a set of boxes to represent fan speed are introduced on the right. As a user increases the fan speed, the next box grows dark and pulsates for a period of 5 seconds before it becomes solid black to indicate the selection.

Schedule Space: 

As the user swipes up from the bottom, the days of the week will fill in the space below the Schedule tab, covering the temperature and fan controls.

When the user taps on a day, it expands to show the current schedule for the day as well and leaves one day at the bottom to allow for a quick switch to the next day.

A control to the right of each row allow for editing a current schedule item or adding a new one.  The user can dismiss the Schedule space by swiping down from the top.

Wall Wart – 

The wall wart will have identical temperature and fan controls, but no schedule control.

Thoughts – 

Firstly, Hongkiat deserves a shout-out for the iPhone5 template . Many Thanks!

I think the next revision will try more with spaces and side-to-side swiping instead of the rows in the Schedule space.  I will also be using more color, but also likely ditch the Captain America red, white, and blue theme. It feels like the Star Spangled Banner should play whenever I look at these mocks.

Stay tuned for more updates, and please provide feedback!