IDSE201 – Revision 3 of a thermostat

Wireframes are an important part of the design process. They give the designer a chance to put their notions through a reality check before fully developing a product.

In my particular case, I have been developing a new thermostat interface. One which has a mobile component as a remote control and scheduler.

As seen in my previous iterations, I have stripped down the majority of the interface to a few icons and controls. In this particular revision, I dropped the Captain America themed buttons and went for transparent arrows.

So how was this design received? To determine this, I needed a system of measuring user response. After a think-aloud test, the user fills out a sheet which asks them to rank aspects of the experience. This in turn generates a score which can be used as a general mark of whether or not the design is usable. The term used is a ‘SUS Score’. For this revision, I did rather well! I received a SUS score in the upper 80’s which tells me that I’m on the right track, but some polish is needed.

Some issues worth calling out are that hinting doesn’t work on paper prototypes, a mix of icons and text is confusing, and the use of text in particular excludes users who come from a different language or literacy level.

For a look at the annotated wireframes of revision 3, click here