Spectrum Project – Week 2/3 Update

Week 2 flew by rather quickly, but we did manage to accomplish quite a lot.

Firstly, we landed an interview with participant 1. They provided a lot of useful insights and pointed us toward some great secondary research materials.

We rapidly prototyped a cultural probe using a small journal and post-it notes. While it was simple, we received a lot of good feedback on the quality of the provocations and the form factor. Ultimately we decided that giving participants room to write trumped the portability of a small notebook.  In a stroke of brilliance, Chelsea brought her rare talent to the fore and taught me how to bind a book from scratch.

After we made 5, we realized that the process, while handcrafted and personal, doesn’t scale well. So we also created a site on Squarespace and made both an email signup and survey via Google Docs.

Toward the end of the week, we made contact with a transgender support group in Austin. They were incredibly open, welcoming, and very supportive our research.

While we’re making connections, we also realize the need to bring in more data quickly. Tonight we made the Spectrum Project site public and posted online version of our cultural probe to Reddit.

This week we have a few interviews lined up and are continuing to make contact with the community. Tomorrow will be a focused effort to contact homeless shelters and the Austin Police Department to learn of their policies regarding transgender people.