Thermostat Wire Frame 3

For my third iteration of the Ideal Thermostat Project in IDSE 201, think aloud testing with users has been helpful. I was able to get good user feed back on the temperature scheduling.

Users on this round of testing had exposure to digital calendars and making a scheduling. Schedules can be an important tool to remember upcoming events by specifically determining a block of time to dedicate to accomplish objectives. The biggest challenge with temperature scheduling is its proximity to personal comfort. Users understand that temperatures change and and personal comfort can vary from day to day. This presents a problem to get a user to want to engage in the thermostat. My previous attempt to define a engaging temperature schedule have so far been unsuccessful. Here are some examples of my previous versions.

Users in the previous tests seemed overwhelmed with the amount of info on the screen during testing. For this round of tests I focused on people that had a background in design. I wanted to get feedback from people who can provide specific insight to the thermostats design. I received different feedback that provided to be useful. This test round provided much more critique on the overall look. In particular the the on/off button takes up screen real estate that can be better used in other ways.

Moving forward I plan to change the schedule to make it easier for the user to find tools, make a more interactive test for users, and use problem cards in the test. The entire thermostat test can be viewed here.