IxDA 2014

Yesterday, Scott and I submitted our application to the 2014 IxDA Student Competition taking place next February in Amsterdam. You can find our application documents linked below.

The competition is focused on health records in developing nations. We see the completion as an opportunity to explore the work we’re doing around health records through the framework presented by the completion.  Helping people understand their health is a universal problem; without crucial information, how can we make good decisions around our health?  We see compelling parallels as well as important distinctions between our work locally and the global scope of the competition.

While the problem of comprehensive health records is similar across communities, it is inherently wicked in that it’s significantly affected by the values and conventions of each local community the system exists in.  We’ve been looking at health records confined to our community here in Austin, and the system here is linked to the entrenched nature of American healthcare.

The competition offers us the opportunity to take our built intuition around this topic and apply it to a more open problem space; to generate solutions for communities that are, in many ways, still trying to define their system. These communities have their own challenges, but the space is inherently more open to change and new ideas.  In some sense, designing for communities without a robust existing bureaucracy seems like a great opportunity for design to make a rapid, meaningful impact.  We hope that by competing in Amsterdam we’ll generate some valuable insights that could impact both the communities addressed in the completion but also those back at home.

Our application documents:

Application Video

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– jacob