Thermostat Wire Frame 4

This is my fourth interpretation of my thermostat that I have been working on for a project in IDSE 201. This iteration of my thermostat built in Adobe Illustrator as a wireframe was to focus on achieving a high functioning scheduling system. I have tried out many types of interactions in the schedule. One of the beginning ideas I had was to use arrow keys to move the hours and minutes. It was effective for users to achieve the desired goal in setting the temp but at a cost. The screen was too cluttered and was overwhelming for people to feel comfortable in. The current state involves using a rolling mechanism that cleans up the space on the screen and features blank areas allowing users eyes to settle when searching. Here are the different versions below.


Testing for this round went much cleaner than all previous test. This is due to a couple reasons. The thermostat layout is much easier to figure out because of prompts and well labeled buttons. The other reason is from my growth at facilitating the tests. Early on I took an approach of having relaxed test environment where I allowed for more casual testing. This was not effective in extracting the proper feedback. I have also worked on changing the wording of test questions. One of the requirements that I have been trying to test was the “Interrupt the schedule to adjust the temperature”. I was unsure how to engage the user to interact with this prompt until I changed the layout of the prompt. Below is an example the interface with the latest form of the prompt.

Here are a list of breakdowns that occurred during this round of testing.

Part A: One participant ended up having confusion on the prompt to “return to home screen” since it series flow never left the home screen.

Correction: Changing wording to say “When you’re finished end on home screen”.

Part B: Two participants had confusion with the fan icon being in the on state.

Correction:  Instead of current icon that represents the on state, change with new symbols that are arrows depicting the rotation.

Part C: Unable to set multiple day in schedule due to spin wheel interaction.

Minimal expectation to have more of the schedule to pop up with interaction.

Correction: Experimentation with linear seven day scheduling.

Part D: No problem areas.

Correction: Successfully implement a sensor device that enables the user to know when it is unsafe for the system to be changed.

Part E: Final slide needs to show a better state of being off.

Correction: Sketch various off screens and test them.

Part F: Needs more specificity with being in a schedule and changing the temperature.

Correction: Change prompt to inform user that change will only happen for set period before returning to schedule.

This was the first testing round in which I took SUS scores to allow the user to give me more feedback. I received a SUS score in the range of 80-85 for my thermostat from users.

Below are the rest of the goals that are required as part of this assignment. Click here to see the complete thermostat wire frame.

Adjust the temperature (warmer / cooler)

Switch between heating and cooling

Turn the system off and on

Set / edit a 7 day schedule

Interrupt the schedule to adjust the temperature

New goals: Add a date / time function

Have thermostat prompt when the the user could break the system by switching A/C on in winter.