The Spectrum Project : Update 2 – In an ideal world…

As our project continues, Chelsea and I will be volleying back and forth with blog updates.

When we last left off, we presented Theory of Change and received some initial critiques.

We have refined the idea to give a more prominent role to mentors in the community, and have shifted the role of the box from ‘box of stuff’ to prompts for gaining experience in a skill.

As presented yesterday, Theory of Change is a community focused on improving in one particular aspect of their lives (in this case, beginning one’s transition) where we provide a curator/mentor to facilitate that change via prompts and tasks (the box). The users would participate in community discussion and constructive critique as they post photos, videos, and audio related to the prompts. The curator/mentor would guide the discussions and provide tactical feedback based on their expertise.

In an ideal world, curating a box would be a relatively uncomplicated task as the curator/mentor should have a fair concept of what beginners need. Users would have the guidance they need to get started, and a virtuous cycle would begin where the next generation of curator/mentors could be cultivated from the users as they gain confidence and experience.

Our critique session yesterday as well as some incredible feedback from one of our participants has brought about some interesting questions which I would like to pose to the trans* and gender variant community.

What mentors did you have during your transition?

Tell us about a specific moment that you really enjoyed with them.

What would an ideal mentor look like to you? What skills or personality traits would they possess?

If you could send a message to yourself at the beginning of your transition, what guidance would you give?

Please email us at with your answers. Your feedback is vital to our process.