The Impact of Storytelling: An update on our design process around pregnancy, labor and delivery

James Lewis, Meghan Corbett and I are pushing ahead with our design idea around pregnancy, labor and delivery.  You can read our last update on the blog here.  Our design idea which is becoming a “thing,” is called Inner Circle: The Birth Plan for Everyone Else.  Our research last quarter pointed so strongly to our culture managing birth as a scary procedure that often needs intervention (get the baby out!!!) instead of a hard, long, completely do-able and natural process that our bodies are designed for. We were motivated to design towards the notion of making this concept more accessible to women.

We were so inspired by hearing women’s stories around their birth experiences; both good ones and not so great ones.   The women that had had great experiences felt so empowered and strong; that this experience had set a tone for their start of motherhood in such a powerful way.  The women that had less great experiences felt bowled over,  like the choices about their own birth experience were being made for them, around them, and not by them.

We’ve spent so much time processing and brainstorming what we could do to bridge this divide; how can we design to support women in having a more positive birth experience?  How can we translate the stories of the empowering experiences and offer some of the components that supported those women to women who may not otherwise have access to them?

Our last blog post detailed the intent and function of  Inner Circle: The Birth Plan for Everyone Else . We started out with the idea that women needed to be able to clearly delineate lines of communication to pull supportive people closer and keep the people that pull at them or need boundaries set kept further away during the labor process.   We started building the skeleton of the interface, called wireframes, last week and presented it in class in a formal presentation.  We’re now in the idea validation phase, where we are creating short scenarios of how a user might use our tool.  These scenarios will be accompanied by short storyboards to help accentuate the emotional value proposition of using our tool.   We’ll use these documents in user focus groups with pregnant or recent mothers to give them a good sense of what our tool does and we will use discussion questions to provocate ideas to further improve the concept.

The ask??!  Help us!  We need your story and your thoughts!  We have two testing sessions at AC4D this week: Thurs at 7pm and Sunday at noon.  Here’s a link to our doodle schedule if you’d like to sign up: 

Testing will take about an hour, and you’ll get a chance to connect with other women around your experience with this important issue.  And there will be snacks!