Mobile Banking App Redesign: Iteration 3

We’re continuing work on the redesign of mobile banking apps. Today, I wrapped up the addition of new functionality in my wireframes, which I’ll be doing user testing on this coming week:

  • The original menu design was brought back in to house the Log Out button and three links, including Notifications.
  • I also added the details around recurring payments/transfers

In user testing, I discovered that people were unable to find core functionality because it was buried inside of the hidden Menu. To take care of that, the core functionality has been moved to a visible tab bar. I’m going to test whether or not the Menu is an appropriate place for secondary functionality, such as editing notifications, to be accessed. I may need to incorporate some A-B testing to see what label or icon is most effective at getting people to recognize that a Menu exists. Perhaps even having a persistent header would help.

Here’s what the new Menu looks like as well as the new Notifications screen:


The other piece of functionality I added, recurring payments, is tricky because there are so many different potential ways of thinking about doing recurring payments. I tried to simplify it down to some core, easily understandable ways to set up recurring payments. The only options are “How often?” and “Start Date”.


For some of these options, I will need to make decisions for users. For example, if a user chose “Monthly” with a start date of the 1st of December, will the user understand that this means that on every 1st of the month, there will be a recurring payment? And what if they choose the 31st? I might choose to make that mean the final day of every month. I would like to collect some data on whether or not this simplified version is enough control over the details of recurring payments. That’s what I’m going to ask my fellow classmates about tonight, how I can go about testing these elements.

Finally, here’s a full pdf of all the wireframes for this iteration: